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about us

CH DAFNE Z Kocińca*PLSepis*PL cattery (FIFe registered) was held in 2004. Then our first female came into our life: black bicolour persian CH. DAFNE Z Kocińca*Pl.

We were able to experience what does living with persian mean, how to groom her well... And of course - how fantastic thing is to show her on catshows! She gave us a lot of satisfaction and proud of the way we were chosen.

IC ZETA Bagira*PLSoon, our second female came in - CH ZETA Bagira*Pl, persian calico girl, with her fantastic character and personality, and (of course) great pedigree. We fell in love with her since we saw her picture on Bagira*PL website. And when we met her - we were totally bought by her temperament. Zeta taught us that the day without purring, cat-massage and kissing is the day we loose. She is our Alfa Queen, the most important female in our cattery. It's great to see thet she passed her great temperament to all her babies! IC CYPIS v.Stary Dworek*PLShe is really Precious!

In 2005 our first stud boy lived with us - high white black persian harlequin IC. CYPIS v.Stary Dworek*PL. He stunned us with his extreme fur and great personality. He's big, nice boning male, with really great, round head and big, nice colour eyes.

In 2007 we (me and my partner - Jakub) get married. One of our gifts was a dream came true about having an exotic shorthair cat. Our great friend - Iwona P±gowska, Bagira*PL cattery owner, gave us this little blue diamond!

PL*Bagira WEDDING GIFT FOR SEPISThis blue girl name is: PL*Bagira WEDDING GIFT FOR SEPIS. She settled in Sepis*PL very nice. She taught me how to groom and show exotic cat. And showing her was very sattisfying! She won many times, beating very strong, longhair competition!

Unfortunatelly in mid 2007 we had to neuter our first girl - Dafne. Now she's running her easy life with my parents, treated as a queen :)

2008 was happy for us, as our first litters were born ! A Sepis*PL (CH S*Sanzanovas Tom Puss of Bagira & IC Zeta Bagira*PL) and B Sepis*PL (IC Cypis v. Stary Dworek*Pl & CH PL*Bagira Wedding Gift For Sepis) babies arrived, and we totally fell in love with each of them. It was very sad to let them go,PL*Sepis Angel Face but it's great pleasure to read happy notes from their owners. It's the reason to breed :)

2008 was also very happy for us not only in breeding, but in showing also! Our homebreed boy - Angel Face had stunning show marathon, won not only his kittens class, but also with unbeaten adults in Poland! He became first persian Junior Winner in bicolour division! He is not only beautiful, but he also has fantastic character. We couldn't imagine to let him go, so he stayed with us as a show neuter.

In 2010 after Cypis was retired and moved away, another boy came into our cattery - beautiful blue bicolour exotic - PL*Bagira YETI OF SEPIS. Sweet like candy, as typical Bagira cat :)

And also another two litters were born - C Sepis*PL (CFA, WCF CH Parti Wai EX No Spot Zot & IC ZETA Bagira*PL) and miot D Sepis*PL (SC Fanto Stan-Bor*Pl, JW, DSM & CH PL*Bagira Wedding Gift For Sepis).

First babies out of Yeti were born in 2011. This year was also very important for us, as our first baby - our son, Wojciech, was born! We hope he will grow big and strong, full of love to all animals, as his parents are :)

Exotic cats cattery Sepis*PL

Marta Borkowska
D±b Mały, (Zip-code 87-815), Poland

+48. 660 667 926
email: sepispl@gmail.com
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