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We never sell our kittens to the catteries keeping cats in cages,
to the shops and for re-selling!

We ship interntional.

Our kittens lives in Brazil, Indonesia, France, Germany, Holland, England, Belgium and Czech Rpb.


Our kittens are sold with contract.

We reserve the right of refusal of selling a kitten in every moment.

To make a reservation we expect a deposit from a buyer. Deposits are not refundable.

Kittens can leave our home when they are 4 months old at least.

Every kitten:
- has their pedigree,
- is microchiped and has his passport,
- is fully vaccinated, dewormed and ready to leave their home

Exotic cats cattery Sepis*PL

Marta Borkowska
Dąb Mały, (Zip-code 87-815), Poland

+48. 660 667 926
email: sepispl@gmail.com
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