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Welcome on our cattery page! We are small, cageless cattery from Poland, full of love and passion to all animals, especially to our big love - exotics and persians. We are registered since 2004 at Felis Polonia, FIFe. Our babies have great characters, just like all our cats, they grow in loving atmosphere, cared by their mom, us and their "step moms" our dogs :) It's great to watch the relations between them! And when we get calls from their new owners, thanking us for them, it's the greatest award for our work :)

Sepis*PL specialize in exotic shorthairs and persians in our favourite colours - solid blue and black.

What's new?

10 V

New kitten photos...
For more click here

14 IV

New exotic shorthair kittens
We have new babies out of our HZ blue exotic shorthair boy Kis’ Herbas Bluesmaker of Sepis and our black exotic girl - PL*Sepis RACHEL GREEN. She made us a big surprise and gave us few blue beauties... More info will follow...

22 III

New kitten photos...
Newest photos of our S litter exotic shorthair kittens are on their galleries at kittens page

25 II

We have new babies!
I am proud to announce newest Sepis*PL litter of kittens. Proud parents are: our new boy Kis’ Herbas Bluesmaker of Sepis and black persian girl - HIGHWAY TO HELL of Royal Angel*CZ. All babies are shorthair and black. More info will follow...

09 XI

New Sepis family member!
We are proud to announce that new boy has come to Sepis cattery! He is 7 months old blue exotic boy, genetically tested as homozygotous fot shorthair. He came to us from Vilnius and we felt in lpove with him at once! We looked for suitable girl for long time, and we are so happy to have him with us already.

Grazina, thank You so much for this big babyboy! He has super character, it is a pleasure to have him here!
I am forever gratefull for Your trust and for sharing Your precious lines with us :)

Kis’ Herbas BLUESMAKER of Sepis


30 IX

New photos of DGC PL*Sepis R'CHANDLER BING
Our 8,5 month black persian boy.

22 IX

TICA debute
Last weekend our R-Litter kittens - black exotic shorthair female PL*Sepis RACHEL GREEN and black persian male PL*Sepis R'CHANDLER BING had their show debute on TICA show in Warsaw (it was first TICA show for me too, so it was quite interesting experience :))
Both cats behaved really nice.
Both got really nice judgments.
Here are the results:

made 2 Finals!
placed 6th Best Cat (all breed)
and 10th Best Cat (all breed)
and got 850 title points, so she is TICA Champion now

and our star - PL*Sepis R'CHANDLER BING
made 11 (!!!) Finals
and was placed:
BEST CAT (all Breed)
2nd Best Cat (all Breed)
2x 4th Best Cat (all Breed)
2x 5th Best Cat (all Breed)
5th Best Cat (Longhair Speciality)
2x 9th Best Cat (All Breed)
2x 10th Best Cat (All Breed)
And he gained over 2000 points so he is ONE SHOW TICA DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION!!!

Thank You so much Iza Pikosz and Kasia Izydorska for Your help and support on this show and for all nice pics of my black babies. More photos here

27 VII

Time fly so fast - my F.R.I.E.N.D.S litter is 6 months old!
We are still looking for perfect, cageless, loving home for our black longhairs - Chandler, Joey and Monica. More photos and movie of each kitten in their gallery. Please contact me via email.

27 IV

Kittens - 10 weeks old!
4 longhair kitens are still available! Visit our kittens page for more info. Kittens with fantastic, strong Italian pedigree!

15 III

8 weeks kittens show how to put all kittens in a row for picture ;)

08 II

R-kittens are 3,5 weeks and have the names already :)
Our R babies theme is F.R.I.E.N.D.S ! We are opening reservations:

04 II

R-kittens are almost 3 weeks :)
It is a pleasure to watch them grow:

29 I

R kittens - eyes open!
Just look how they are now:

27 I

New kittens at Sepis*PL!
In mid January new babies were born in our cattery. We have 5 kittens - 3 boys and 2 girls. All black :) Proud parents are: our black exotic shorthair boy PL*Sepis Never Let Go (Niuniu) and black persian girl Highway To Hell of Royal Angel*CZ. More info on kittens page. And we still have available beautiful black persian (ELH) female from O litter, born on 31th May 2018. She would be nice addition to small breeding programm or as a sweet companion (she has really amazing personality).

4 I

PL*Sepis OH YEAH! is available...
Our black girl - PL*Sepis OH YEAH! is very promising, and still available. This girl has fantastic, extreme loving personality, needs home where she will be loved, hugged and cuddled as much as she wants...

OH YEAH! - a.k.a. Jejcia OH YEAH! - a.k.a. Jejcia OH YEAH! - a.k.a. Jejcia

2 I

New year - new pics :)
We have new photos in gallery of PL*Sepis Never-Let-Go, his daughters - PL*Sepis OH YEAH! and PL*Sepis PANDA BEAR, Pandas mother - GARDENIA Panda Pers*PL and our black persian Panda Pers GARDENIA of Sepis. Enjoy :)


Cat Show in Łódź...
Sepis team was represented by Niuniu (PL*Sepis NEVER LET GO) and his daughter Jejutka (PL*Sepis OH YEAH!). They did quite well, both had competition in Nomination and they got it. Unfortunatelly they lost in finals with Ragdolls, but it was nice to hear that Niuniu got 1 vote (it was only 2 needed to win, so it was close...)


Update on our babies...
Our kittens are moving to their new homes... Black babygirl PL*Sepis OH BABY!, blue bicolour girl PL*Sepis POLKA DOT and red and white boy PL*Sepis PEANUT are already in their new homes. Second black girl - PL*Sepis OH YEAH! is very promising, and still available. This girl has fantastic, extreme loving personality, needs home where she will be loved, hugged and cuddled as much as she wants...


We also plan new black (and possibly blue) litter on spring 2019. More info on kittens page

7 IX

Little update...
Pur O litter babygirls are 3 months old already! PL*Sepis OH YEAH! is not available (may be available) and her sister PL*Sepis OH BABY! is available as pet, we are looking for very special and loving pet home for her!


Our girls have their galleries updated finally: Panda Pers GARDENIA of Sepis, Marmis YEAH BABY! of Sepis and our youngest - Highway To Hell of Royal Angel*CZ. Enjoy :)

Highway To Hell of Royal Angel*CZ Highway To Hell of Royal Angel*CZ

And finally - we have new litter! P Sepis kittens were born on 12th July, out of PL*Sepis Never Let Go and Panda Pers GARDENIA of Sepis. We have 3 cute babies, who are 8 weeks already. Visit our kittens page for more info...


15 VI

O-litter girls are available!

15 VI

Babies are 5 weeks
Newest pics on kittens page
Feel free to follow us on our Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/SepisCattery/ ...

15 VI

O litter was born after PL*Sepis Never Let Go (Niuniuś) and Marmis Yeah Baby! (Bibi). Visit kittens page for more info...

28 V

Planned litters on 2018!
We plan two litters this year, exotic, and maybe persdian kittens may be born after:

niuniu_bibi (572 kB)
PL*Sepis Never Let Go (Niuniuś) and Marmis Yeah Baby! (Bibi),

Expected colours:

black and blue.
niuniu_ciri (683 kB)
PL*Sepis Never Let Go (Niuniuś) and Panda Pers GARDENIA (Ciri).

Expected colours:

kocurki: black, blue, red and cream
koteczki: black, blue, tortie and blue-cream
all colours with or wothout white

23 V

New addition!
Let me introduce my new girl for the future! it was a destiny! Despite all the circumstances, SHE is HERE! Thank You so much, Dear Petra Černá for Your trust and huge heart!!! And for raising and socialising such purring monster :D Thank You, thank You, thank You so much!

So, please meet:


father: GIC IT*Oscar del Falco d’Oro JW (IC Diciotto Carati Goldrake & Sybarit Odilia)
mother: IC Wish Come True del Falco d’Oro JW (Pistacchio del Falco d’Oro & Vispa Teresa del Falco d Oro)

5 XI

Lodz cat show
judge: Jaroslav Panek, CZ
note: Ex1, CAC, NOM BIS (1 vote in BIS)

Panda Pers Gardenia show debute
judge: Cristiano Federico Sandon
note: Ex1, unfoprtunatelly Nomination lost to Saturday winner Ragdoll girl


New family member
Panda Pers Gardenia.

13 X

Show news
Great show news came from our babies :) First - our blue ream sweetheart, sister of Niuniu: PL*Sepis N'FORGET-ME-NOT (Mini) who lived in Belgium. She was shown the same day as Niuniu and she did really great on her show debute, she was BEST IN SHOW KITTENS 6-9 months! I am so proud of her!!!

And then an older brother of Mini - CH PL*Sepis MY DARTH VADER (Waderek/Any) - he was shown in Duisburg with fantastic result! Special Prize, BEST IN SHOW and.... BEST OF BEST longhair!!!

Thank You soooo much Dear Julie and Dear Ute & Hans for taking so great care of my babies :)

6 X

Lodz Cat Show
Sepis cattery is back on the show bench after few long years :) Two black exotics - PL*Sepis Never Let Go aka NiuNiu (male 7 months) and Marmis Yeah Baby (female 8 months) had their show debute!

Marmis YEAH BABY! - ex 1, and lost her nomination to PL*Sepis NEVER LET GO who was both days Ex1 & NOM BIS, and both days lost in BIS pannel 2:1 votes to Ragdoll babygirl. It was sooo nice to get back on the show ring, to meet old friends, to chat with nice people around, to meet beautifull cats and to compete again :) Maybe next time we will do better on BIS pannel with NiuNiu ;)

Thank You so much Vladimir Isakov for Your votes on my black boy. It means a lot for me

11 X

Nowy domownik!
Z wielką radością mogę nareszcie pochwalić się nowym domownikiem w Sepis*PL! Przedstawiam wam przyszłą żonę naszego NiuNiusia: Marmis YEAH BABY! of Sepis 11 (396 kB) YEAH BABY! to córeczka mieszkającej w Serbii, pochodzącej z naszej hodowli, czarnej egzotyczki PL*Sepis HELL YEAH! (córki PL*Bagira YETI of Sepis i IC ZETA Bagira*PL) i cudnego cętkowanego TICA CH D'Eden Lover Spoke of Marmis (D'Eden Lover Jurrassic & CFA GC GP NW RW D'Eden Lover Cookie of Wishes). Ogromnie się cieszę, że udało mi się wrócić do linii Zetkowej i doczekałam się dziewczynki po Helci i TICA CH D'Eden Spooke of Marmis.

Bracia z poprzednich miotów tej pary:

urban (27 kB) unlimited (38 kB) voodoo (27 kB)

Mam nadzieję, że świetnie odnajdzie się w naszym stadzie i razem z Niuniusiem da wkrótce wspaniałe dzieci :)

Slavica & Milan, thank You for loving Helcia and taking so good care of her,
and thank You for letting me have her babygirl!

It is so great to have such friends around the world like You!

yeah_lotnisko (185 kB)

18 IX

Waderek Show News
Black exotic shorthair boy - CH PL*Sepis MY DARTH VADER (Waderek/Anakin) was shown again in Germany with really nice result!

Kalkar (Germany), 11.9.2016
1.PLACE in a ring
with 8 cats, allbreed, neutered and not neutered !!!

Hamm (Germany), 17.9.2016

It is so great when our baby finds so nice and loving home like he has at Ute and Hans! Thank You so much for loving him so much and for taking so great care of him and nice show presentation! I am so proud of him!

Archive: click here

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