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Welcome on our cattery page! We are small, cageless cattery from Poland, full of love and passion to all animals, especially to our big love - exotics shorthair cats. We are registered since 2004 at Felis Polonia, FIFe. Our babies have great characters, just like all our cats, they grow in loving atmosphere, cared by their mom, us and their "step moms" our dogs :) It's great to watch the relations between them! And when we get calls from their new owners, thanking us for them, it's the greatest reward for our work :)

Sepis*PL specialize in exotic shorthairs in our favourite colours - solid blue and black.

What's new?

13 II

New photos

PL*Sepis Arwena, PL*Sepis Angelina, PL*Sepis Blue and Las Vegas Di Marilu. More - in each cat gallery...

24 XII

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas


Welcome home!!!

Santa came earlier this year!

I am so happy to announce new member of Sepis family.
Straight from Italy to Poland, sweet solid blue boy from Dear Luciana!

Las Vegas Di Marilu

So lets hope for nice blue Sepis babies in the future...
Thank You so much Luciana Mattioli Marilu Persians for making my dream came true, I am already in love with this babyboy!

20 XI

Last available kitten from litter A.

We still have available adorable black exotic shorthair boy, PL*Sepis Apollo. He is already neuteres, vaccinated and ready for reservation. Has sweet personality, and he is purring and talking to people. No problem with other animals (cats/dogs who tolerate other cats). Feel free to ask about him.

13 VII

Zozo - new pics...

Komu? Komu?
Zozolek, kocurek o absolutnie cudownym, typowo sepiskowym, charakterze. Rozmruczany, szukający kontaktu, gadający, chodzący za człowiekiem. Może mieszkać sam, jak i z innymi zwierzętami. Szukamy na prawdę wyjątkowego domu... Chłopczyk miał z nami zostać, więc zajmuje specjalne miejsce w naszych sercach...

10 VII

New photos...
Our kittens are 7 weeks already! ;)

10 VI

First outdoor session...
Two boys - black and blue - are ready for reservations.

21 V

New babies...
A1 litter babies are finally here. Blue and black exotic sorthair kittens. More info - on kittens page.

20 V

Black male available
PL*Sepis ZOZO - Outstanding chracter, super expresion. For breeding or as a companion.


Blue exotis shorthair boy - Zoey. Outstanding character! Already in his new home.


New babies photos...
Z litter boys on new pics. Enjoy!

PL*Sepis ZORIN - niebieski kocurek egzotyczny PL*Sepis ZOZO - czarny kocurek egzotyczny PL*Sepis ZOEY - niebieski kocurek egzotyczny PL*Sepis ZOTTI - czarny kocurek egzotyczny PL*Sepis ZYGZAK MCQUEEN - czarny kocurek egzotyczny

12 VII

New babies at Sepis*PL - boys litter
We have new babies out of Bluesmaker and Rachel Green. We have blue and black boys.

PL*Sepis ZORIN - niebieski kocurek egzotyczny PL*Sepis ZOZO - czarny kocurek egzotyczny PL*Sepis ZOEY - niebieski kocurek egzotyczny PL*Sepis ZOTTI - czarny kocurek egzotyczny PL*Sepis ZYGZAK MCQUEEN - czarny kocurek egzotyczny

25 VI

Newest Y-babies pictures
Last photosession before Yeti goes to his new home. More pics in their galleries: » YENNEFER and » YETI

19 IV

Our youngest generation at Sepis*PL - Litter "Y" is 6 weeks already!
The weather let us do some nice shoots in our spting garden. Visit kittens page

05 III

Mamy nowe kocięta!!!
Przyszedł na świat kolejny miot po Tadziku :) Powitaliśmy miot kociąt egzotycznych Y Sepis*PL. Rodzicami zostali nasz nowy kocurek Kis’ Herbas Bluesmaker of Sepis i nasza Fryga, czyli - PL*Sepis RACHEL GREEN. Tym razem mamy czarne bliźniaki - koteczkę i kocurka...

7 X


01 X

New family member at Sepis*PL
I can finally share some exciting news! My dream coloured girl came to us few days ago!

Let me introduce - blucream beauty from Latvia:

LV*Kaliora Dadu
(SC NW Prime Fancy Tommy x IC LV*Kaliora Adele)
2x BIS Kitten 7-10 months ❤

Thank you so much, Dear Karina Nekrasova, for trusting me and sharing Your beauty and beloved girl with me ❤ And thank You for loving our blue babygirl PL*Sepis Way To Go who moved to Your home same day �� It was a pleasure to meet You, although it was very crazy and emotional day for all of us.
Photo: Tess Ludmila Pankova

01 I

Happy New Year!
Una Bella and Unkas left to their new homes...
Ad I wish all Sepis cattery fans some normality and health in this crazy times...

29 IX

Youngest generation - litter "U" is 3 weeks old!
More info click here

16 VII

T Sepis*PL is 13 weeks old now...
For more click here

10 V

New kitten photos...
For more click here

14 IV

New exotic shorthair kittens
We have new babies out of our HZ blue exotic shorthair boy Kis’ Herbas Bluesmaker of Sepis and our black exotic girl - PL*Sepis RACHEL GREEN. She made us a big surprise and gave us few blue beauties... More info will follow...

22 III

New kitten photos...
Newest photos of our S litter exotic shorthair kittens are on their galleries at kittens page

25 II

We have new babies!
I am proud to announce newest Sepis*PL litter of kittens. Proud parents are: our new boy Kis’ Herbas Bluesmaker of Sepis and black persian girl - HIGHWAY TO HELL of Royal Angel*CZ. All babies are shorthair and black. More info will follow...

09 XI

New Sepis family member!
We are proud to announce that new boy has come to Sepis cattery! He is 7 months old blue exotic boy, genetically tested as homozygotous fot shorthair. He came to us from Vilnius and we felt in lpove with him at once! We looked for suitable girl for long time, and we are so happy to have him with us already.

Grazina, thank You so much for this big babyboy! He has super character, it is a pleasure to have him here!
I am forever gratefull for Your trust and for sharing Your precious lines with us :)

Kis’ Herbas BLUESMAKER of Sepis


30 IX

New photos of DGC PL*Sepis R'CHANDLER BING
Our 8,5 month black persian boy.

22 IX

TICA debute
Last weekend our R-Litter kittens - black exotic shorthair female PL*Sepis RACHEL GREEN and black persian male PL*Sepis R'CHANDLER BING had their show debute on TICA show in Warsaw (it was first TICA show for me too, so it was quite interesting experience :))
Both cats behaved really nice.
Both got really nice judgments.
Here are the results:

made 2 Finals!
placed 6th Best Cat (all breed)
and 10th Best Cat (all breed)
and got 850 title points, so she is TICA Champion now

and our star - PL*Sepis R'CHANDLER BING
made 11 (!!!) Finals
and was placed:
BEST CAT (all Breed)
2nd Best Cat (all Breed)
2x 4th Best Cat (all Breed)
2x 5th Best Cat (all Breed)
5th Best Cat (Longhair Speciality)
2x 9th Best Cat (All Breed)
2x 10th Best Cat (All Breed)
And he gained over 2000 points so he is ONE SHOW TICA DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION!!!

Thank You so much Iza Pikosz and Kasia Izydorska for Your help and support on this show and for all nice pics of my black babies. More photos here

Archive: click here

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